Sunny Hill Threads


To support and empower women to believe in themselves and share their stories through casual-comfy apparel and donations to female supported organizations.

Sunny Hill Threads is a space for women to find confidence and comfort. Confident in knowing they are not alone in the struggles they face and constantly overcome. Comfortable in the literal threads that they wear. Sunny Hill Drive is where the founder, Allie, and her husband bought their first house. It is where she started to truly overcome her insecurities in business, friendships and life. The name Sunny Hill Threads is inspired by those strides and is the perfect metaphor for all of us women, who are trying to find the sunshine on this hilly ride of life. The products are chosen with comfort in mind, because who doesn't live there best life in a t-shirt? Our hope is that Sunny Hill Threads will give you the motiviation to reach for your own happiness, share your story and empower other women to do the same.